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Building great software takes more than just talented engineers; it requires capable product and design professionals who can carefully balance business requirements with customer needs and consistently deliver results in an agile work environment. Intrface aims to create a community where knowledge and experience can be shared for the benefit of the entire local tech community.  

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Start connecting with other product managers and designers on our Slack workspace. We have channels dedicated to #product and #design along with others for you to have more opportunities to interface with other product people. 



The Intrface Team

The team behind Intrface is passionate about fostering a community for those excited about engaging their user-base. We've sought out to create something that we wish would have been available when starting our own careers in technology. The ups and downs of experimentation, prioritization and iteration have proven to be challenging and exciting! Our hope is that you'll want to strap in with us and experience this wild ride together. 


Bryan Larson

Intrface Co-founder

VP Design @ Vendasta


Cody Bitner

Intrface Volunteer

Sr. Product Designer @ 7shifts


Michael Reimer

Intrface Volunteer

UX/UI Lead @ Coconut Software


Dan Stumph

Intrface Co-founder

Head of Design @ 7shifts


Domenic Ierullo

Intrface Volunteer

Product Manager @ Vendasta


Brent Beatty

Intrface Volunteer

Product Manager Team Lead @ 7shifts


There are always opportunities to help out with event preparation and regular operations to keep the ball rolling. If you're looking for some volunteer experience, reach out to us on Slack